• - At the top ladder  the head and the leader is Sempaï whose identity is unknown.

    - The Wonderland squad is Alys’ knights meant to protect her. It is composed of Sempaï (Mad Hatter), Nokira (White Rabbit) and Moto Rorola (Queen of Heart). They are the only ones that know Alys has survived.
    - The survivors of the Intellect class who are protected by the movement.
    - Every citizen can join the movement only if he or she is trustworthy.

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    Il vous faut:
    - 1 ballot de vêtements en coton bio
    - 1 g d’opium
    - 10 cl de blanc de céruse
    - 1 fiole de cendre de charbon compressée
    - 50 échardes de bûcher de seconde main
    - 10 ans de guerre n’ayant pas eu lieu
    - 1 résistance de transistor de collection
    - 2 ml de vaccin contre la rage
    - 1 fragment de magma en fusion ou de météorite
    -  1 feuille de papyrus
    Remarque:Bien sûr la liste n’est pas exhaustive en function de l’époque de destination voulue.
    • Réservez les vêtements en coton pour la suite car vous en aurez besoin pour traverser le continuum espace temps dans de bonnes conditions. Veillez à n’emporter que des vêtements 100% coton bio.
    • A l’aide de vos connaissances personnelles en histoire et éventuellement d’une encyclopédie si vous avez le moindre doute, rassemblez des ingredients faisant précisement reference à l’époque de destination choisie. Attention les anachronisms pourraient faire des ravages en déboussolant l’horloge du temps.
    • Dans un mortier pilez l’opium, le blanc de céruse et les cendres de charbon compressées puis ajoutez y une à une les échardes de bûcher. Pour adoucir le goût rajoutez éventuellement à la preparation du sucre de canne.
    • Versez goutte à goutte les dix années de guerre n’ayant pas eu lieu et le vaccin contre la rage dans un saladier à part dans lequel il sera ensuite judicieux d’incorporer la preparation précédente pimentée de la résistance d’un transistor de collection.
    • Nappez le tout d’un fragment de magma en fusion (ou de météorite) fondu et composez des faux rouleaux de printemps en découpant des bandes larges de papyrus que vous enroulerez autour.
    • Faites refroidir vos hors-d’oeuvre au réfrigérateur pendant 24h et dégustez les auprès de vos amis les plus proches au cas où cette rencontre serait la dernière. L’effet assommant de l’opium vous endormira au bout de quelques heures et au réveil vous aurez la surprise d’être arrive(e) à destination sans encombre… ou pas!
    • Bonne nuit et bon voyage! Et n’oubliez pas d’emporter et de garder précieusement sur vous un échantillon d’eau de mer radioactive pour mener à bien votre retour vers le futur! A la revoyure mousaillon!
      The time traveller’s recipe:
      You will need;
      - a bundle of clothes in organic cotton
      - 1 g of opium
      - 10 cl of white lead
      - 1 vial of compressed coal ashes
      - 50 splinters of a second hand stake
      - 10 years of wars which have not occurred
      - resistance of a collector transistor
      - 2 ml of vaccine against rabies
      - a piece of molten magma or meteorit
      - a sheet of papyrus
      Note: Of course the list is not exhaustive depending of the chosen period of destination.
      - Book the organic cotton clothing as you will need it later to cross the space-time continuum in good conditions. Make sure to use only 100% organic clothing.
      - Using your knowledge about history and an encyclopedia in case of you have doubts gather ingredients that precisely refer to your era of destination. Warning, anachronisms could wreak havoc by disorienting the universal clock of time.
      - In a mortar pile together the opium, the compressed coal ashes and the white lead. Then add one by one the splinters. To sweeten the taste, pour a slight coffee spoon of sugar cane.
      - In a separate bowl, melt the 10 years of wars whcih have not occurred with the vaccine against rabies. Then you should incorporate the collector transistor’s resistance to spice the previous preparation.
      - Melt together the two preparations in a shaker. Break the magma (or meteorit) in pieces. Cut wide stripes of papyrus to compose false springs rolls. You should pour the mixed preparation on the papyrus first then put the magma (or the meteorit) on top of it and wrap carefully the papyrus around.
      - Cool your appetizers in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Taste it with your closest friends in the event this meeting would be the last. Because of the opium’s effect you’ll fall asleep a few hours after. You will wake up if the time travel has succeeded safely… or not!
      - Good night and good luck! By the way do not forget to take with you a vial of radioactive sea water to come back to the future. See you later sailor!

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  • It will be completed as the project will be going by:
    Ten years ago:
    - the Traumatism: the most traumatizing tragedy mankind has ever experienced. A huge solar storm has almost destroyed the world. No one were prepared to handle it so there was panic and confusion everywhere. However, being more or less aware that it could happen politics have built barren nuclear shelters. But this wasn't enough to welcome every human being. Most people had to left behind all they love and have to run away aboard submarines across seas on the way to Society.
    - the Evacuation: the government's program for humanity's survival. Women and children were the first ones to be driven to the submarines while men were not allowed asked for help to manage properly and fastly the program. Since then it's the main reason why families are still scattered all around.
    -the Arrival:after a three days travel submarines arrived to Society already set for a proper living with small, quite well equiped residentials buildings. Assets composed of an ID card, a bunch of Amnesia cells and food were given to each passenger.
    A few people sensed the upcoming danger of such a system where the governement has free control over people to rebuild the social system by overusing his authority.
     Since then they hide in the shadows, calling themselves the Lonesome group.
    July 15th, 2050:
    - The story begins during summer time in Society who has became a peaceful and pleasant city. No one could expect what is going to happen next, how the system will turn out.
    - It's not the best day for Sam Suung: she is dismissed from her position as a daily journalist and realizes her boss had planned it for a long time, willing to hire Maa Kintoche a famous journalist and would be Official who should be more reliable according to him. Even though it's the first time they met, Sam Sunng and Maa Kintoche feel like they had already met each other in the past. This fateful day ends with the arrival of Sempai who is about to reveal the truth to Sam Suung about her previous life.
    - Things are getting complicated when Sempaï is arrested suspected of having stolen the "Shovel of Death" a mysterious weapon which holds a terrible secret. Sam Suung and Nokira manage to save him and meet Moto Rorola a famous healer who used to be a Lonesome activist.

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  • Sam Suung:
    In her early twenties she is a well-known journalist working for the New World Telegraph, mostly famous for her subsersive work that out draw the anger of the Official class who aims to cancel or censured the newspaper if any article written by her is published.
    She scares them because Amnesia cells don't seem to work on her mind, oddily she is able to remind more or less the circumstances of the Traumatism inside her dreams.
    He's Sam Suung's boyfriend. Most ,people think he is a shy and simple-minded man but he likes to play with appearances in order to slip in the crowds without being noticed even though he used to be at first a Lonesome.
    Ten years ago he was asked to protect Alys by an Official who disobeyed the orders by hiding and taking care of her during a few days after the Arrival.
    Maa Kintoche:
    An ambitious young adult who wanted to study law at university before the Traumatism.
    He always looks quite smart and handsome to get a position inside the governement.
    He is also known to be addict to Amnesia medicine what unables him to take the Exam.
    The clue is his main weakness: he bears the burden of a heavy guiltiness. During the Evacuation, he was supposed to take care of Alys his little sister and they were separated at the very last minute when she was accidentaly kidnapped.
    He is ashamed of himself for breaking the promise made to his mother, assuming that Alys has probably died.
    Besides, he is very emotional, so much dedicate to others that he can barely restrain himself when he foresees someone being threatened in any way.
    Al Cartel:
    He is the dishonest chairman of the New World Telegraph, Sam Suung's boss. His main goal is to make as much profit as he can whatever it takes, especially to be the government's puppet.
    According to him, journalism is meant to give global information easy to read and to understand by anybody. He has often issues with the governement or the police because of Sam Suung's articles so they can't bear each other: as a matter of fact he is very strict with her, awaiting the moment when he could dismiss her definitively.
    A little red-haired girl that still remains in many urban tales and rumors as the one who will one day reverse the system. The Official class has created Amnesia in the purpose of finding her before that day happens, given that the cells don't work on her mind. She is the government's first WANTED person all over Society.
    He is the mysterious leader of the Lonesome group. He usually hides in the shadows of the Lonesome's headquarter which he has transformed into a huge library. He is a smart strategist who always acts as if he was playing chess with the government. He cares a lot about Sam Suung since she was placed under his responsibility by Moto Rorola, an old woman who was previously an Official before she deserted her status. For example he has created a medicine derivated from Amnesia able to gather one's memories and archive it to prevent Sam Suung from lobotomy.
    Moto Rorola:
    She is a skilled healer whose skills are acknowledged by most people all over Society. She doesn't have many friends amongst the Official class because she used to be a Lonesome activist several years ago. 

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  • The story takes place in 2050 on the planet Earth left in ruins by the global warming.
    Ten years ago it was the Beginning, a new start for humanity after the Traumatism which has destroyed a huge part of the world. Mankind is now living six feet underseas in Society a city apparently utopic but turns out to show Big Brother extreme tendencies. It is one example of the limits of the consumer society.
    Aiming to let people forgetting how shameful was the Traumatism to avoid riots the government imagined a program called Amnesia which consists in creating and selling medicine able to erase anyone's memories.
    The fact is that most of the citizens are youngsters so politics pretend the purpose is to help them to restart everything properly to justify themselves.
    Information is relayed by the worldwide TV channel and newspaper New World Telegraph, proofread then censured if necesary by officials before being published.
    There is a sharp social divide:
    - the Official class: the government who leads Society by trying to make the life be better with "social improvements".
    -the Young class: children and teenagers who were carried out to Society during the Evacuation by the government's program. They were forced to take Amnesia cells before their arrival and still don't remember anything about their past, even their previous identity.
    -the Lonesome: the rest of the survivors who arrived illegaly in Society by themselves having often issues with the government because they are revolted by how the system turned out. They must hide behind appearances not to be arrested and imprisoned.
    - the Intellect class: a minority of intellectuals who are revolted by the system aiming to restore culture in people's values. Subsequently they are persecuted by the government who fears any opposition to its ideal of a new globalized world.
    People can freely go around by submarine or aerobus if they have valuable ID electronic cards.
    These items are not only useful to travel but convenient in daily life. One can use it to go to the cashpoint, to check his/her mail box anywhere or even phone a friend.
    Identity is an essential point: because all recensment registers were lost during the Evacuation, people were given names inspired by famous brands such as Sam Suung, Nokira, Al Cartel or Maa Kintoche.
    For the moment Society goes its way peacefully and harmlessly but will it continue?

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