• Main characters

    Sam Suung:
    In her early twenties she is a well-known journalist working for the New World Telegraph, mostly famous for her subsersive work that out draw the anger of the Official class who aims to cancel or censured the newspaper if any article written by her is published.
    She scares them because Amnesia cells don't seem to work on her mind, oddily she is able to remind more or less the circumstances of the Traumatism inside her dreams.
    He's Sam Suung's boyfriend. Most ,people think he is a shy and simple-minded man but he likes to play with appearances in order to slip in the crowds without being noticed even though he used to be at first a Lonesome.
    Ten years ago he was asked to protect Alys by an Official who disobeyed the orders by hiding and taking care of her during a few days after the Arrival.
    Maa Kintoche:
    An ambitious young adult who wanted to study law at university before the Traumatism.
    He always looks quite smart and handsome to get a position inside the governement.
    He is also known to be addict to Amnesia medicine what unables him to take the Exam.
    The clue is his main weakness: he bears the burden of a heavy guiltiness. During the Evacuation, he was supposed to take care of Alys his little sister and they were separated at the very last minute when she was accidentaly kidnapped.
    He is ashamed of himself for breaking the promise made to his mother, assuming that Alys has probably died.
    Besides, he is very emotional, so much dedicate to others that he can barely restrain himself when he foresees someone being threatened in any way.
    Al Cartel:
    He is the dishonest chairman of the New World Telegraph, Sam Suung's boss. His main goal is to make as much profit as he can whatever it takes, especially to be the government's puppet.
    According to him, journalism is meant to give global information easy to read and to understand by anybody. He has often issues with the governement or the police because of Sam Suung's articles so they can't bear each other: as a matter of fact he is very strict with her, awaiting the moment when he could dismiss her definitively.
    A little red-haired girl that still remains in many urban tales and rumors as the one who will one day reverse the system. The Official class has created Amnesia in the purpose of finding her before that day happens, given that the cells don't work on her mind. She is the government's first WANTED person all over Society.
    He is the mysterious leader of the Lonesome group. He usually hides in the shadows of the Lonesome's headquarter which he has transformed into a huge library. He is a smart strategist who always acts as if he was playing chess with the government. He cares a lot about Sam Suung since she was placed under his responsibility by Moto Rorola, an old woman who was previously an Official before she deserted her status. For example he has created a medicine derivated from Amnesia able to gather one's memories and archive it to prevent Sam Suung from lobotomy.
    Moto Rorola:
    She is a skilled healer whose skills are acknowledged by most people all over Society. She doesn't have many friends amongst the Official class because she used to be a Lonesome activist several years ago. 

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