• 3- All that matters

    Al Cartel snirked:
    - You will have time to mind about such pointless questions in your cell because I come here to arrest you.
    - Wait! You can't... Maa Kintoche exclaimed.
    - Shut up! You're lucky not to endure the same punishment to have pointed a gun at an Official. It is what it is, when it comes to deal with law I can't intervene nor feel sympathy.
    - But...
    - It's a matter of consciousness. If you feel guiltiness for that it's your problem, let's go then!
    - Alright...
    The policemen seized and handcuffed Sempaï tightly.
    Al Cartel and Maa Kintoche left quickly.
    Shocked Sam Suung didn't pronounce a word: was all that mess because of her? Why does everyone love her so much that they were prepared to sacrifice their own lives if needed to protect her?
    A few minutes passed before the door slid again showing Nokira who ran to her as soon as he stepped in the building:
    - What's wrong? Are you sick or something bad has just happened? he worriedly inquired. By the way where is Sempaï? We had to...
    - Calm down, I will try to explain everything as best as I could.
    - Where is Sempaï?
    - We have to leave tonight, he has just been arrested.
    - No way! Why? By who?
    - By Al Cartel and his sins but I don't get to know exactly why.
    - This is very troublesome we are not terrorists so we didn't have issues with the government before. What if they use torture to force him to talk?
    - No... Please stop saying such scary things.
    - Once more, what do you know about the "Shovel of Death"?
    - I... I don't know what you are talking about!
    Barely dressed, Sempaï was chained against a wall. Al Cartel surveyed the interrogatory from a corner of the room. The policeman slapped again Sempaï on both cheeks and flicked his forehead:
    - Look at me and say it again.
    Eyes closed by the pain Sempaï remained silent. The man got suddenly angry and seized him rudely by his hair:
    - I did tell you: say it again!
    Society was not quite a huge city. Its streets were organized around a small urban district reserved to the Official class. Obviously the sole precinct of the city was located here in its city heart. There were many guards and security barriers around there. Being formally a citizen with a valid ID card was not enough to  be allowed to access freely the precinct, you had to be accompanied by an Official to pass through the security barriers and the ID checkings.
    - What should we do? Sam Suung asked while she and Nokira were running fast across the city to the Official District.
    - Maa Kintoche... Damn this guy is so stupid! Why on earth did he have to let the police to capture Sempaï, only because of mock opportunities?!
    - It shouldn't be that simple. There must have been other reasons. I wouldn't be surprised if he was forced to tell "them" the truth about us.
    - Anyway, we shall rescue Sempaï but how? In fact this is the real question.
    Nervous Sam Suung reflected about it while checking distractedly her pockets. Her fingers found the strange object Maa Kintoche had given to her hours ago. She held it out and looked at it with a quizzical eye. It was simply shaped like a ball with a small shining button on it. She carefully pushed it to open the object and closed it immediately after. Apparently it was supposed to activate a bomb or some nuclear stuff.
    - Glad to see you here! Al Cartel exclaimed behind them. Oh my... You should have given me back the "Shovel of Death" earlier it would not have caused so much disturbance. Come on, follow me to the precinct.
    Sam Suung and Nokira didn't have any other choice thus they obeyed. He guided them through the district.
    - Over here, he said when they came in the precinct.
    The cell was very dark, barely reached by the light. But soon, as he was looking closely Nokira foresaw Sempaï laid on the floor:
    - What... what the hell did you do to him?
    - Don't worry he's still alive but I would be lenient only if you give me back the "Shovel of Death" immediately.
    - Well... take it. Now release him please I'm begging you, Sam Suung whispered, her eyes sparkling of upcoming tears.
    In exchange Al Cartel handed the cell's key over to her.
    Scarcely had she entered Sam Suung ran to the bedside of Sempaï who was severely wounded. Scandalized her heart sank with sympathy as her fingers brushed against his injured limbs. She simply laid an arm on his shoulder to help him standing up. Barely dressed with a large grey shirt and old ripped jeans he felt light against her, his eyes closed.
    - He definitely needs to be healed by a skilled healer, Nokira observed. Do you know of a good one around here? he asked Al Cartel.
    The businessman looked at Sempaï, then at Sam Suung:
    - You should go to visit Moto Rorola.

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