• 2- Truth to be told

    After Sempaï left, Sam Suung gathered all her small travel bag could contain. She was standing in front of the sliding door when she hesitated: what if she'd like to stay with enough bravery to face the police?
    She has been living here for long, besides all she had loved, built and remembered belonged to the new life she was going through underseas and lingered behind the house's walls. Then she thought it was pretty naive given that Maa Kintoche knew her secret and would have told his future comrades about it, voluntary or not.
    Unless he was lucky, he must have been arrested by a police patrol and forced to tell them the truth. However she refused to think about it when she realized it would be her fault if he ended up threatened or sent in jail which was a terryfying hypothesis.
    Somehow she felt sympathy for him: before they first met he always seemed to her strong and self confidant, a bit too selfish and silly. The truth was after all he revealed himself to be a fragile and melancholic young man.
    She was quite a good judge of character assuming that he must have been broken by the lost of someone he loved and cared in the past.
    She went out her pleasant and safe home and never stepped back again.

    - Welcome back! Everyone was waiting for you, what were you doing? I told you to come as fast as possible... Sempaï reproached her when she got in the headquarter.
    - Sorry... she simply replied, avoiding Sempaï's suspicious eyes.
    - You have really no sense in your mind! What if you were arrested?
    - You're always acting as if I was still a child. preventing me from doing anything harm like revolting myself against politicians. But this foolish dictatorial Big Brother looking system shall be shut down or must change in any way possible. Anybody has no longer the right to think and talk according to his/her free will. We are led by paranoic people who vote nonsense security laws.
    - I know... I know it's scandalous but I want you to be more careful in the future because you're not ready to handle the truth yet.
    - What are you talking about? I'm almost twenty years old thus I deserve to know more because it might deal with my childhood.
    - I did tell you you're not ready yet to learn about and handle the truth, that's all!
    - I want to know why I feel so concerned about Maa Kintoche and moreover why you are getting suddenly angry although you have no reason to! I was only trying to get to understand your stance.
    - This world can't be changed only by you. I'm sure you will try hard but in a fight like this you may lose in the end if you stay as you are, reckless and lonely. The path you have chosen to follow is a very difficult one because it is going to be an endless fight for freedom and humanism that you won't win if you decide to act on your own. What is your definition of the word "wonderland"?
    - I should say it sounds to me pretty utopic, like an ideal world where everything goes on peacefully in harmony. A world where everyone can live all together without wars and dictators.
    - As I thought, you're the right person to carry out this dream. It's good of Moto Rorola to have saved you during the Evacuation...
    - Who is Moto Rorola?
    Sempaï was about to answer when the door crashed down, pushed away violently by policemen.
    A l Cartel entered, followed by Maa Kintoche.
    - Thanks for your help Kintoche, I'll carry out everything well, you should go and take some rest.
    Obedient, Maa Kintoche nodded with a discreet grin on his face:
    - Yes sir!
    As he was walking away he held out a gun that was hidden before in his jacket. Sam Suung looked worriedly around: according to circumstances if a fight was engaged here it would not only destroy the headquarter but kill a lot of people, the movement's members and their families.
    - Please don't shoot!
    All the looks turned to her:
    - You stupid... Sempaï uttered.
    - Interesting... Al Cartel commented.
    - I have to take my revenge against a system who has stolen from me my dear sister Alys! Maa Kintoche exclaimed. No matter the method I will reverse one day this world to what it was before the Traumatism.
    - I disagree you can only learn something from the failures of the past to build up a future even more better, Sam Suung replied.
    - Doesn't it sound childish? I understand your point of view but how can you change anything if you refuse war or nonetheless violence?
    - I think it's wiser to find other ways to manage the changing.
    - You have exactly the same speech as my mother Ashley. It's strange to hear the same words from someone who strongly ressemble her by the way...
    Sempaï wanted to say something but Maa Kintoche added:
    - ...Now my question is: who the hell are you?
    She realized she wasn't able to give him an answer: the more she tried to remember, the more her memories flew out insubstantial.
    She was spared from answering by Sempaï:
    - Who knows, all of us have lost our identities during the Evacuation. In fact does it matter when the two of you share the same dream? The most important from now on is to act together for the changing to happen, isn't it?

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